Extend bat lifespan and maintain blade performance

Stand out at the crease with a clean and conditioned blade with fittings of choice

Repair and Refurbishment
The rigours of cricket will sometimes leave bats in need of some expert TLC.

Many pro players take advantage of our high quality services to keep their number one bat at the crease or to give themselves a top class net bat, which also preserves the condition of favoured match blades.

Whether you want to spare your main bat from bad weather/wicket conditions, ensure you have a familiar back up in the kit bag or just want to keep your favourite bat going, whatever level you play there are plenty of great reasons to use the expertise available at our factory.

We can:

  • Replace a broken handle
  • Re-fit a loose handle
  • Re-bind the handle
  • Fit new grips
  • Seal surface cracks
  • Repair splits (toes/shoulders etc)
  • Clean/re-label the blade
  • Oil the bat
  • Replace/add protective face, toe and edge fittings