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Product Care

Now you've got your cricket bat, it's crucial that you ensure it's properly prepared before use. Watch our video below on how to prepare your bat, and further down the page all the information you might need when it comes to getting a repair.

Cricket Bat Care Guide

How to Knock-In & Oil your Cricket Bat

Watch our video to find out how to knock-in and oil your new Gray-Nicolls cricket bat, ready for use in a match.

Step by Step

  • Hit the edge and toe of the bat with glancing blows
  • Hit the face with strong, striking blows
  • Do not hit directly on the splice, edges or back of the bat
  • Knock-in for between 1 - 4 hours
  • Knocking-in is complete when you are not noticing any indentation from bat mallet

Does My Bat Need Oiling?

If your bat comes with an Extratec Sheet on the face, it has already had a light coat of oil, and will not need any more applying until you change the sheet. 

If your bat comes with a clean finish e.g. no protective face, then we recommend adding a light coat of oil to the face of the bat.

Caring for your Bat

Looking after your bat is important. Bats should be regularly oiled. If your bat hasn't been knocked-in then it's worth investing in a bat mallet and undertaking this before you play.

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